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Environmental Activism


1996 • Relocated to the Arcosanti project. Arcosanti is an architectural project whose mission is to demonstrate the concept of Arcology.  At it’s core,  Arcology design minimizes resource consumption through ecologically low-impact human habitat design principles in order to preserve diminishing biodiversity on a finite planet.


1996 • Joined Earth First. Direct action campaign against harmful salvage logging: North Rim, Grand Canyon National Park.


1996 - 1999 • Joined the Headwaters Direct Action Campaign in Northern CA to stop liquidation of the last remaining ancient redwood groves in private hands from blood-sucking wall street vampire squids. I discovered a tree marked to be cut which would become a two year stand-off. Julia Butterfly tree sat for the two year duration to spare the tree.


2001 - 2006 • Volunteer: Sky Island Alliance; Earth First, Direct action campaign to stop the extermination of Mountain Lions in the Santa Catalina Mountains north of Tucson.


In 2002 the Bush Administration and the FBI declared Eco-Activists the number one domestic threat to national security. This is declared after the 1994 Oklahoma City bombing of the Federal Building.

Books written about my time in the trenches:

The Last Stand: The War Between Wall Street and Main Street over California's Ancient Redwoods

by David Harris


Confessions of an Eco-Warrior

by Dave Foreman


Coyotes and Town Dogs: Earth First! and the Environmental Movement 

by Susan Zakin


The Legacy of Luna: The Story of a Tree, a Woman and the Struggle to Save the Redwoods

By Julia Hill


Rewilding North America: A Vision For Conservation In The 21St Century

by Dave Foreman


Who Bombed Judi Bari?

Directed by Mary Liz Thomson

Produced by Darryl Cherney

Ending years of logging battles, the ancient forest is saved.

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