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I’ve been drawing my entire life, from bedroom walls to current sketch books.  As an amateur stargazer, the cosmos always offered me the ultimate sense of wonder and mental respite; my worries seemed to shrink when I comprehended impossibly distant stars and galaxies.


It is in the arts that I also periodically encounter wonderful and inspiring experiences. This compels me to explore the value of art and how it (emotionally, figuratively) connects with the individual or society. Fundamentally I’m attempting to understand the origins of art, how that might reverberate within a post-modern art culture and how the two might resonate together in a relevant and timely manner.  As I continue to make art, subject matter and increasing levels of abstraction have merged into new directions.


Remembrance, ritual, and paradox are common threads in some of my work, further applied through conscious material considerations. Today, my three-dimensional multimedia creations includes site-specific installations and efforts at purposeful activity. To realize more ambitious projects, I made the decision to collaborate with other respected artists, professional welders, and structural engineers of the Flaming Lotus Girls during the summer of 2011. I reinvested a fellowship award into an industrial art commission to advance my qualifications for permanent public art. The commission was built in San Francisco for a site-specific event, weighing in at 23,000 pounds. My role was lead fabricator for accurately calculating the rotating truss components into its final composition for structural integrity and intended form.


Notable influences include working with Architect and Artist Paolo Soleri, continuing what he has bestowed; my travels throughout the world, especially pre-capitalist China and my Irish heritage; participating in Burning Man; and the ecology of the American South West.


So what are the odds of earth’s solitary moon and our solar system’s sun appearing the same size in our sky?

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